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Homemade Card Skimming Now Possible with MagSpoof

Last updated on December 1, 2021

Samy Kamkar, the brainchild behind homemade hacks that will let you open any garage door with a child’s toy and open a combo lock in 8 attempts or less has revealed his latest gadget: a homemade credit card skimming device called MagSpoof.

MagSpoof allows you to “skim” all your credit and debit cards and store them effectively in one device. And if that doesn’t sound cool enough, MagSpoof actually works by emitting a wireless signal to traditional magstripe readers — fooling them into thinking a card has been swiped.

Watch the full video here:

According to the creator, this device is not intended for you to store credit card information for cards that you do not legally own and are not authorized to use.

Where can I get MagSpoof?

If you’re an electronics geek you’ll be pleased to learn that MagSpoof is completely open source.

If you’re not technically inclined (like most of us), there is unfortunately no easy way for you to purchase a pre-made version.

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  1. Robert Condon Robert Condon March 18, 2020

    were can i get a book as toskinning credit cards to build

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