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Privacy by design

Privacy by design
Privacy by design is an essential method to systems engineering that consider privacy throughout the whole engineering procedures. This concept is similar to value sensitive design, such as human values are taken into account in a precise manner during the whole procedure.

Overview of Privacy by Design
Privacy by design is a particular approach to projects that endorses data protection and privacy compliance from the beginning. These issues are bolted on as an after-thought or overlooked altogether. This method is not essential for an act of Data Protection, and it will assist organizations to conform to their obligations under the legislature.

The ICO inspires organizations to confirm that data protection and privacy is an important consideration in early stages of each project and throughout its whole lifecycle. For instance:

  • Build new information technology systems for accessing or storing personal figures
  • Develop legislation, strategies or policy that require privacy repercussions
  • Embarking on the initiative of data sharing
  • Utilizing data for new drives.

Foundation Principles
There are seven foundational principles of Privacy by Design:

  • Preventatives not counteractive and Preemptive not reactive
  • Privacy as default setting
  • Embedded privacy in design
  • Full functionality: positive-sum instead of zero-sum
  • Transparency and visibility: keep it exposed
  • Endwise security and full lifespan protection
  • Respect for the privacy of user and keep it user-centric

Benefits of Privacy by Design
Privacy by design is an essential tool to reduce privacy risk and build trust. Creating systems, products, processes and projects with privacy at the outset can lead you to numerous benefits, such as:

Identify potential problems at early stage and address these problems easily promptly

Increase the awareness of data protection and privacy across your organization

Organizations have to meet legal obligations instead of breaching data protection act. Privacy intrusive actions may have negative impacts on people.


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