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Guest Blogging Guidelines

Ready to share your content with the world?

PrivacySense is looking for authors who can write great content that our visitors will love. Before we accept any guest posts, please take note of a few of our requirements.

1. Write Interesting Content

We’re looking for great content that is new, fresh, and straight from you that will be of interest to the greater privacy community. If the content is trendy or relevant to anything happening today in the news, even better.

2. Original Content Only

Unfortunately we cannot accept any content that has already been posted on other websites or social networks. Google sees copying and pasting as a giant no-no and will penalize our website if we do that. Before we accept your content we must be sure that what you’ve written is truly original.

How many words? Please aim for 600 to 1,200.

3. Some Changes May Follow

In effort to keep content consistent with our website and writing style, we may polish or restructure some of your content for clarity. Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to review the content before we publish!

4. Quote all Sources

If you use any research, please quote all links and sources — otherwise our readers may have a hard time believing your content! We will thoroughly review your links to ensure they are relevant and may attach a rel=”nofollow” tag to some links.

5. Avoid Self-Promotion

We believe that content should provide value. Avoid selling yourself or any services in your article. Instead, we’ll allow you to do that in your bio. Any articles that are purely promotional in nature will not be accepted.

6. Include a Bio

Please include a bio of up to 300 words, a head shot (optional, 250×250 pixels, high quality), and any links to your website and social media handles.

7. Share with All

Once your article has been accepted and submitted, feel free to tweet, post, and share with the world. And we’ll do the same through our social media channels.

Submit your article

Please first contact us through the contact us page and let us know you’re interesting in writing for PrivacySense. We will then follow up with you directly via email.

Thank you!