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Cisco Systems Plan to Train 10 Million People in Digital and Cybersecurity Skills

Cisco Systems, one of the world’s leading technology companies, has announced an ambitious plan to train 10 million people in digital and cybersecurity skills. This plan is part of Cisco’s commitment to helping bridge the global digital skills gap and create a more secure future for everyone. Through partnering with Randstad, a global leader in HR services, Cisco will be able to reach its goal of training 10 million people by 2022. In this article we will discuss Cisco’s plan, their partnership with Randstad and the benefits that this plan will bring..

Cisco’s Plan

Cisco Systems has announced a plan to train 10 million people in digital and cybersecurity skills over the next 10 years across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). This is part of a larger effort to train 25 million people worldwide in digital literacy and cybersecurity. The goal for EMEA is part of Cisco’s global commitment to empower individuals with digital skills for long-term success. The State of Broadband 2022 report estimates that 66% of the population will have access to broadband by 2022, representing 5.3 billion people. In 2020, the first year of this initiative, Cisco launched its Networking Academy program which provides free online courses on networking fundamentals and other topics related to IT infrastructure. The program also offers instructor-led training sessions at local schools or universities as well as virtual labs where students can practice their skills in a simulated environment. Cisco’s MDS 9506 Multilayer Director is designed for deployment in storage networks that can support enterprise clouds and other large-scale applications requiring high performance data transfer rates between servers or storage devices. It features advanced security capabilities such as encryption, authentication, authorization and access control lists (ACLs) which help protect against malicious attacks on networks or data centers. In addition to providing training courses online or at local schools/universities, Cisco has also partnered with Randstad Education Group to offer seminars focused on Russian area studies held at Barnaul city in Russia. These seminars are designed to foster interdisciplinary learning by immersing participants into the language culture while teaching them about Russian history and politics through lectures from experts from various fields such as economics, law, sociology etc.. Furthermore, these seminars provide hands-on experience with network maintenance tasks so that schools can have resident know-how for maintaining their networks going forward without relying solely on external consultants or vendors..

Partnering with Randstad

Cisco has partnered with Randstad, a global staffing and recruitment company, to help implement its plan of training 10 million people in digital and cybersecurity skills over the next 10 years across EMEA. Founded in 1997, Cisco Networking is one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions. The new partnership aims to re-skill and upskill 300,000 people.

Randstad provides Cisco graduates with career coaching, resume writing and brand development services as well as employment opportunities. As the world’s largest HR services provider, Randstad is driven to become the world’s most valued ‘working life partner’, supporting as many people as possible in their working lives.

In China specifically, Randstad offers an HR Training and Consulting Program which integrates professional training resources and helps HR staff create a digital workplace environment. This program will be used by Cisco to help train 10 million people in digital and cybersecurity skills.

Benefits of the Plan

Cisco’s plan to train 10 million people in digital and cybersecurity skills offers twofold benefits. Firstly, it will help improve digital literacy and cybersecurity skills in the regions where it is implemented. This will help protect against cyber-attacks, data breaches, malicious software, and other digital threats. Secondly, it will create jobs and economic opportunities in the regions where it is implemented by providing individuals with valuable technical skills that are highly sought after by employers.

The plan also includes a comprehensive study on current cyber threat environment which provides an embodiment of good cybersecurity practices and recommendations on how to overcome them. A Cisco cybersecurity expert will be available to address security gaps during migration processes as well as provide guidance for consolidation and migration plans.

The Cisco Email Security Configuration and Installation Remote Service helps mitigate security risks by installing, configuring, setting up email policies for users or groups of users, testing your solution for any potential vulnerabilities or misconfigurations.

  • Department of Defense missions increasingly are fought in and through the cyber domain. To ensure U.S assets remain secure from potential threats such as malware attacks or data breaches; Cisco’s plan provides a comprehensive approach to training individuals with necessary technical knowledge required to defend against these threats.



The goal of Cisco to train 10 million people in digital and cybersecurity skills over the next 10 years is a bold and ambitious one. With the help of Randstad, Cisco is well-positioned to reach its goal and help improve digital literacy and cybersecurity in the regions where it is implemented. This plan will not only benefit those who receive training, but also their families, communities, businesses, and countries as a whole. Cisco’s commitment to empower 25 million people with digital skills for long-term economic growth across Asia-Pacific, EMEA, Latin America & Caribbean (LAC), North America (NA) and Canada will be achieved through various initiatives such as providing free online courses on topics like coding or cyber security; offering scholarships for students; creating job opportunities; partnering with governments to create public-private partnerships; investing in research & development projects; collaborating with universities & colleges to develop curriculums that are relevant for today’s job market; providing mentorship programs for entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, Cisco Systems’ plan to train 10 million people in digital and cybersecurity skills over the next 10 years is an ambitious yet achievable goal that can have far reaching positive impacts on individuals’ lives as well as economies around the world if executed properly. The success of this project depends upon multiple stakeholders coming together towards a common cause – making sure everyone has access to quality education so they can become digitally literate citizens who are equipped with necessary knowledge & skills required for today’s job market.

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